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Monthly Archives: June 2020

k40 mirror alignment

How to align mirrors on a K40

If you have just bought a new K40 laser cutter or have replaced your mirrors, chances are that you are going to need to align your mirrors Although this demonstration is using a 50W ebay Chinese laser cutter, the principles are the same if you

which wood can k40 cut

Which wood can the K40 cut?

In this video, Josh experiments with the K40, and tests it’s ability to cut a variety of wood. All tests were done at full power 22 milliamps, and 20mm/sec speed using MoshiDraw 2016 for controls. This is a good example of a bog-stock K40 output.

make a edge lit sign with K40

Making an edge lit sign with the K40

In this video Geeksmithing show us all how to make an edge lit acrylic sign using our k40 machines. Inkscape is used for all the graphic design and vector work, whilst K40 whisperer controls the K40. For all of those who want to jump in,

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