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k40 mirror alignment

How to align mirrors on a K40

If you have just bought a new K40 laser cutter or have replaced your mirrors, chances are that you are going to need to align your mirrors Although this demonstration is using a 50W ebay Chinese laser cutter, the principles are the same if you

which wood can k40 cut

Which wood can the K40 cut?

In this video, Josh experiments with the K40, and tests it’s ability to cut a variety of wood. All tests were done at full power 22 milliamps, and 20mm/sec speed using MoshiDraw 2016 for controls. This is a good example of a bog-stock K40 output.

make a edge lit sign with K40

Making an edge lit sign with the K40

In this video Geeksmithing show us all how to make an edge lit acrylic sign using our k40 machines. Inkscape is used for all the graphic design and vector work, whilst K40 whisperer controls the K40. For all of those who want to jump in,

k40 power supply

K40 Power Supply, Let’s have a look which one to buy

K40 Power supply time? The Right Amount Of Power It is a well known fact among those that work on or with any kind of device that uses electricity that the object must have the correct amount of input and output power. Every electricity driven

best laser engraver under $500

Best laser engravers under $500

Best laser engravers under $500 When personalizing an item for business or personal use, or to give away as a gift; engraving is a more permanent solution than marking an item with some kind of marker or paint. Engraving literally marks a surface with a

3d printer for a classroom

Best 3d Printer for a classroom

Top Four 3D Printers for the Classroom What to Look for when finding a 3d printer for a classroom This is something that can’t be answered by anyone but the user. What determines the “best” is governed by many different variables. Chief among these variables

How to Crop in Inkscape – Cropping an image

Tutorial – How to crop in Inkscape Cropping in Inkscape is as easy as in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Gimp.To crop in Inkscape,the only thing you need is to be skilled in basic commands of Inkscape. In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step

k40 laser rotary attachment

Which K40 rotary attachment should I buy?

Take your k40 to the next level with a K40 rotary attachment Adding a K40 rotary attachment to your machine is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the possibilities of your K40, as well as give your customers more options when it comes to fulfilling

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