Create stunning laser engraved images with A.I and Inkscape for free

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Create stunning laser engraved images with A.I and Inkscape for free

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many aspects of our lives, and one fascinating development is the ability of AI to generate images from text. This innovative technology, known as AI text to image generation, has opened up a world of possibilities for artists, designers and anyone wanting to take their laser engraving and cutting to the next level.

In this article, we will delve into the wonders of AI text to image generation, exploring how it works and how you can utilize it to bring your creative visions to life.

This is an image created in 4 seconds using a text command “lions head line drawing, full frame, black and white”

As you can see, I created this image to showcase the possibilities of AI and how it can help you with your laser cutting projects in a fraction of the time, even if you have no designs skills. 

Here are a few other examples of images created in seconds with

How Does AI Text to Image Generation Work?

AI text to image generation is a complex process that involves training a machine learning model to understand the relationship between text descriptions and corresponding images. The model learns from vast amounts of data, extracting patterns and associations to generate visually accurate and contextually relevant images based on textual input.

One popular tool that utilizes AI text to image generation is This platform employs state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to convert textual descriptions into stunning images. By using natural language processing techniques, can understand the nuances of human language and create images that accurately represent the given text.

Examples of other 4k images created in seconds with the power of A.I

Getting started with A.I text-to-image 

If you can wrap your head around that so far, you’re doing great! If not we can jump right in to a simple tutorial to get you started using (my favourite so far)

Step 1.

Head over to the getimg website and sign up for a free account

Step 2.

You will be presented with the following screen below

On the left of the screen you have a few sections within the creation panel

  • Model
  • Prompt
  • Image
  • Resolution
  • Generate images

The main section we want to concentrate on is the “Prompt” section for now.

In the prompt text box on the left of the screen, enter Lions head line drawing, Black and White, Full Frame, Detailed

Step 3.

Click the blue “Generate images” button at the bottom left of the screen.
The software will then begin to create 4 versions of the image you have specified within the text prompt.

Step 4.

Once the image generation has been completed, hover over the thumbnail of the image you want to generate , and hit the two small up arrow buttons in the top right of the thumbnail. This will generate a 4x resolution version of your image to take it to an extreme detailed upscaled version of your generated image.

The image outlined in red will now be your final image, ready for download in super high res detail.

Step 5

Hit the small download icon to download your generated image. Make sure you can find and have access to the file that you have just downloaded.

Step 6

Download and install the latest version of Inkscape if you haven’t already got it installed on your machine.

Step 7

Open the image you saved from with the file>open menu within Inkscape

Step 8

Right click the image and select “Trace Bitmap”

Step 9

Hit the apply button in the bottom right hand corner to convert the image to a vector object.

The vector image will now be created and will overlay over the top of the original image. There will now be the original image on the bottom and the newly created vector image on top of the lions head image.

Select the original lions head image and hit the “delete” button to remove the object.

You should be now left with a high res vector version of the original image

Step 10

Click fie>save as, and make sure that the filetype selected is SVG optimized. Save it to the location of your choice.

This method can be use for any image created using and Inkscape. Some image results may differ depending on the size of the image, colours used in the image and the settings that you’ve chosen, but overall 95% of the time these results are spot on in terms of results.

If you need help with any of these steps or have questions with anything related in this post, don’t hesitate to send me a personal message at the contact form on this website.

Final image


This is a very exciting time for any designer and creator wanting to expand their knowledge and skills with laser engraving, and the power of A.I art generators is groundbreaking and will take your engraving to the next level. You can apply these works to commercial or personal projects, as all a.i images are yours to own as they are generated “on the fly”.

To get started jump on over to and download yourself a free copy of the powerful inkscape to start turning your personalised works into special artwork.

Happy engraving,


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