K40 Laser Cutter Replacement Parts

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K40 Laser Cutter Replacement Parts

k40 laser replacement parts
k40 laser cutter replacement parts

Anyone who’s bought a K40 knows that it is not necessarily known as a super-refined machine. It’s no Ferrari when it comes to Laser Machines. With this said, it’s no “Bomb” either. I’d like to say it is rough around the edges, which means that you will need K40 replacement parts from time to time to keep your K40 Laser Cutter in tip-top shape.

If you are in the market for a few K40 Laser Cutter replacement parts,Here are the most common K40 Laser cutter replacement parts to get your beast back on the road

K40 Laser cutter mirror set

k40 laser cutter replacement parts

Over time you might find yourself in need of a new mirror set. Cracking is an issue for older mirrors that are under heavy use. These are easy to replace

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K40 Laser Replacement 40w Laser Tube

k40 laser cutter replacement parts

Under normal conditions, the K40 Laser Cutter Laser tube should last between 1500H-2500H under normal use. The lifespan could be compromised in instances such as setting your laser power too high or letting your water cooling temperature increase too high.

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K40 Laser Cutter Water Cooler

k40 laser cutter replacement parts

Although a water cooler isn’t necessarily a replacement part, buying a water cooler for your k40 is essential if you want to look after your laser tube and save buying replacement parts in the future

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K40 air assist head nozzle

K40 Laser Cutter Replacement Parts

a replacement head is a good place to start to increase the performance of your cuts and get a cleaner result on your projects

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k40 laser cutter replacement parts

During heavy operation, it may be required to replace your laser bed. Build-up of soot and debris from your laser cuts may clog up your base and may need replacing. Around $40 bucks will get you a new honeycomb bed, or if you don’t already have a bed for your k40, it’s another upgrade to maximize the output of your work.

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This is just a small list of the available k40 replacement parts. If you spend time cleaning your machine regularly, it will save you time and money in the future on replacement parts for you K40.

Remember:Make sure all your mirrors are clean and get into a habit of cleaning them if your cuts are becoming “Blurry”.

Make sure your water temperature is correct to save any issues in the future. Incorrect water temperature i.e running too hot will damage your laser tube, and you will eventually need to replace your laser tube.

If you have the money, but an air assist. It’s relatively cheap and will minimize smoke hazard that can damage your mirrors and affect the quality of the output of your work. If you don’t have an air assist, make sure to clean your mirrors regularly.

Clean away any soot and dust that may accumulate in the Bed.

Clean any belts that may be clogged with residue, to avoid any stress on the belts and motors

Look after your K40 the same way you would a car because there is nothing worse than having to wait weeks for a part when you have important lasering to do!


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    Mohammed Shafiq
    September 2, 2020

    I would like to replace my laser head set and upgrade the mirrors. Can you please suggest a good lens and mirror size? The standard the come with the machine are 12mm for the lens and 20mm for the mirrors. Is the 20mm lens better in performance than the 12mm stock? I normally cut 3mm and 6mm ply with my machine.
    Thank you for your help

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