K40 Power Supply, Let’s have a look which one to buy

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K40 Power Supply, Let’s have a look which one to buy

k40 power supply

K40 Power supply time?

  1. The Right Amount Of Power

It is a well known fact among those that work on or with any kind of device that uses electricity that the object must have the correct amount of input and output power. Every electricity driven device is designed to take a specific amount of power to do every task the unit is supposed to be able to accomplish. 

An electric device that has too much power put through it will run too hot and too fast, which will inevitably burn out the circuits and gizmos inside the unit. Running too little power through an electronic device makes the unit work too hard because it is running too slowly to do the job it needs to do. 

Laser engravers are no different in this respect. Every laser engraver comes with its very own power supply that is designed specifically for that make and model. The power supply is calibrated with a certain amount of watts that will convert into the energy needed to operate specific functions that need a specific amount of volts. 

This all sounds a lot more confusing than it really is. Basically, a 40 watt laser engraver needs a 40 watt power supply to run properly. Using a 60 watt or 100 watt power supply on a laser engraver that only requires 40 can severely damage the machine as well as the internal working components. Needless to say, running a power supply that is 60 or 100 Watts through a laser cutter that is supposed to operate on 40 Watt Cloudray Power Supply can have some potentially serious internal and external problems. 

  1. Choose The Correct Source
Cloudray 40W PSU Laser Power SupplyCloudray 60W CO2 Laser Power Supply T Series HY-T60 PlusCloudray 100W Co2 Laser Power Supply 220V PSU DY13
VoltsAC 110/220 AdjustableAC 110/220 AdjustableAC 110/220 Adjustable
Item SpecificFor CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter MYJG 40WFor CO2 Laser TubeFor RECI Z2/W2/S2 Co2 Laser Tube 
Safety FunctionsOpen circuit protection, output test button, Stop and Start buttonOpen circuit protection, Stop and Start buttonOpen circuit protection, Start and Stop button, Protection switch for ventilation and water test
High Temp Test60 Degrees Celsius, Full Load for 12 Hours60 Degrees Celsius, Full Load for 12 Hours60 Degrees Celsius, Full Load for 12 Hours
CoolingForced Air Fan Forced Air FanForced Air Fan
Response TimeLess than 1 millisecondLess than 1 millisecondLess than 1 millisecond
CompatibilityVarious ManufacturersVarious ManufacturersVarious Manufacturers
  1. Power Supply Breakdown

As the chart clearly outlines, the three power supplies listed above have very similar features and safety measures that are necessary to run a laser engraving machine. The obvious differences lie in the amount of output power (40, 60, or 100 Watts). Even the input for all three is the same (AC 100 Volts that is adjustable to 220 Volts). 

The Cloudray 40W PSU Laser Power Supply, the Cloudray 60W CO2 Laser Power Supply T Series HY-T60 Plus, and the Cloudray 100W Co2 Laser Power Supply 220V PSU DY13 are all compatible with more than just the listed laser engraving machine. This means that a 40 Watt laser engraver made by another company that has the same required specifications as the Cloudray 40 Watt Power Supply; the Cloudray can be used in place of the original part. 

Regardless of what kind of equipment anyone uses, things do eventually break down. It is important to know what part can replace the broken part without anything going wrong or making things worse. The safety tests performed on these particular parts are to measure the safety and longevity of each of the products. 

The 40, 60, and 100 Watt Cloudray Power supplies all have to pass an endurance test that will either prove that part defective or effective. The test consists of running the power supply at full load for 12 full hours then testing the temperature of the part as well as the functionality of the components. All three of these particular parts passed with a temperature of no more than 60 degrees Celsius with all the parts functioning normally. That data alone speaks volumes about the quality of the Cloudray Power Supply Brand. 

Along with the performance tests and the safety measures (including the forced air fan cooling and stop and start functions) put into designing the Cloudray Power Supplies, it is also nice to know that any of these products can be purchased for under $200. 

Each one of the Cloudray Power Supplies are also designed to last for at least 10,000 hours. That may not seem like a very long time, however, typical use of an at home laser engraver does not require all day use. The 10,000 hour minimum should last for several years on end with proper care and maintenance. 

All in all, regardless of what brand of laser engraver is in need of a replacement power supply, Cloudray should be one of the top go-to choices for the replacement part. The speed, longevity, integrity and quality makes these power supplies worth the time and money. 


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    July 25, 2020

    These power supplies are very basic and can be repaired easily. When they break down, it’s mostly the big output schottky diodes named FR307. Just measure with an ohm meter in both directions if there is a short (then it is defect).
    You can buy them from Jaycar $0.39 and just cut off the leads from the top at the existing part to make a swap easy otherwise you have to pull the PCB from the frame which is a lot of work.

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