Laser Cutting Fonts – Free fonts to take your CNC project to the next level

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Laser Cutting Fonts – Free fonts to take your CNC project to the next level

Laser cutting fonts

In the CNC world, the projects we are working on are our precious works of art. If the customer is happy then everyone wins right? Laser cutting fonts, especially are an important factor that will determine whether your end result looks tacky or whether it’s a professional work of art made by a real craftsman.

Although choosing a font for your project doesn’t seem like an important variable in your final work, picking the right font will portray an element of mood and style within your laser engraving project.

Who is going to be viewing your work? Females? Males? Old? Young?
Finding out your target audience for your project can be the difference between the customer being happy with the resulting fonts and the customer wanting changes.

I’ve compiled a shortlist of some great laser cutting fonts that I’ve used which have suited many projects and the best part, they are all FREE


Beatingvile is an amazingly versatile font that can be used for items such as gift and wedding cards, as well as cake toppers and wooden based wedding rsvp invitations.

The best thing about beattingville is that the spacing can be reduced so all letters are touching, so it can be used for cake toppers and cutting inserts into a gift card

View and Download Here

Bebas Neue

Laser Cutting Fonts
Bebas Neue is a great all-rounder that fills in the gaps on projects as motorcycle laser cutting projects. Signage and male orientated image.

I’ve used this font for multiple projects in the motorcycle industry as well as restarant projects. It’s bold and stands out very well, and best of all its quite a bulky font so it engraves perfectly without any faded edges.

View and Download Here

Vintage Decorative Signs 2

Vintage Decorative Sign 2 is a great font for borders and general decorative projects such as card borders and wedding invitations

View and Download Here


Mountain font is a great font for creating signage for cabins and outdoor styled signs

View and Download Here

laser cutting fotns
Oh Beloved is a beautiful font for laser cutting and engraving. It can be used mostly for wedding invitations and gives your project a stylish touch

View and Download Here


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