Free K40 vector software, fonts, and getting started guides
  • Crystal Ball [Pro] Free Image to vector converter for Photoshop CS5 and above


    One thing that’s always important to get right when it comes too laser engraving is the proper contrast between darks and light. This needs to be accurate, otherwise, when you input your design into your CNC software the final image may come washed out and lacking any depth.

    We’ve created a simple Photoshop script that will take the time out of pre-processing your image and save you a lot of time when you are setting up your images for testing or for your clients. In the touch of a button you can have crystal clear VECTORIZED images ready for use with your CNC Laser machine

    Price – FREE

  • Crystal Ball Free – Photoshop Action Script for CNC Engraving


    Give your laser engraving an extra boost with the CNCHERO Crystal Ball Photoshop Action. Just plug it into your Photoshop software, Hit the play button and watch your image be converted into an image ready for lasering. Works with all versions of Photoshop listed below.

    The Crystal Ball Plugin will enhance low light photos and bring out what was otherwise darker edges, so your image is balanced and ready for that perfect engraving.

    This plugin is great for portrait photos of animals, people, outdoor elements and even colored logos, which can then be bitmap traced in Inkscape.

    Read more about the Crystal Ball Script for Free below

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