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Danny Cooper - June 30, 2020

Does this ebook only show you getting started with the stock software that came with the K40 or do you go into other software like inkscape and k40 whisperer?

k40sam - June 30, 2020

Hi Danny

It has tips and guide for whisperer (which I actually use) unfortunately I havn’t written any Inkscape tutorials as of yet but feel free to ask away on the forum and I can answer them there,


Kai - August 10, 2021

Used, works well, thankyou

David - September 30, 2021

Downloaded on Windows, Great thanks

Hayden - November 20, 2021

Downloaded on Windows, Great thanks

Patrick - December 16, 2021


Leo - December 26, 2021


Matthew - January 12, 2022

Thanks for giving

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If you're new to the K40 laser cutter, then this ebook should get you up to speed on how to use your machine. In this ebook I've listed tips and tricks, how to make money off the K40 as well as the settings I've used for optimal results from the last 3 years of working with the K40 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the contact section of the site. 80 Pages of tips and tricks from the last 3 years working with the K40 laser cutter Ebook contains 80 pages of informative articles , tips and tricks. Great for anyone getting started with the K40 Laser Cutter All content within the ebook is written by myself (Sam) and copyright and may not be sold or redistributed