K40 Honeycomb bed for laser cutting


The benefits of a K40 honeycomb bed is that there is optimal ventilation underneath the work, which will minimize smoke interference and also minimize changes of fire due to excessive heat underneath your engrave

To install : There is an article here if you get stuck installing our K40 honeycomb bed

K40 Bed Size

The size for this K40 bed is 320mm by 220mm

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Model: K40 Co2 Laser Machine Honeycomb Table
Size: 220x320mm
Package includes: one pc honeycomb table 220x320mm

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Is there a warranty on my K40 Laser Honeycomb Bed?
Yes, There is a 6 month warranty on all K40 honeycomb laser beds

How long is shipping?
Shipping is usually between 1-3 weeks depending on location

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