K40 laser cutter adjustable bed

Package Include:
1PCS  Adjustable K40 bed 100*100mm
Material: Aluminum alloy/Stainless Steel
Minimum height:45mm
Max height:145mm
Weight:about 0.5kg
Size: 100*100mm
Max load:20KG
Can be used with fixed focus laser engraving machine:
How to use:
Lift smoothly, turn the handwheel to lift the front panel to adjust to the desired height
How to maintain:
After use,should be kept clean and stored in a cool,dry environment

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Our K40 adjustable bed will streamline your engraves and save the hassle of having to chock up your items on different thickness items whenever you change object. As the K40 laser cutter does not come with a moving z-axis, it's sometimes difficult and time consuming switching in between projects. This bad boy should take the pain out of this problem!