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K40 Laser Cutter Machine


Engraving area: 12″ x 8″(200X300mm);Laser Type: 40W CO2 laser tube;Resolution Ratio:0.001 in (0.026mm) / (1000DPI)
Engraving Speed:0-13.8 in./s (0-350mm/s);Cutting Speed:0-1.38 in./s (0-35mm/s)
CorelDraw Software Included. CorelDraw has the ability of both NewlySeal and NewlyDraw and so it can be employeed in both carving and cutting works.


The K40 is becoming one of the most popular laser cutters under the $400 mark.
Setup is relatively easy for most with even a little bit of tech experience. This version comes with everything to get started including a water pump, exhaust fan, software, and drivers (which can be downloaded online)

Animal tag made for baby mobile

K40 Laser Cutter

Beer coaster for Father’s Day


Octopus drawing before the laser cut

Engraving area is 12″ x 8″ (200x300mm) which is good enough for small items such as mug coasters, dog tags, cups, small chopping boards andI’ve even done a few wine glasses with the K40 as well.

Laser type: 40w C02 laser

Resolution : 1000DPI

Engraving speed maxes out at 13.8 inches, but I recommend keeping it under 9 inches / second for a cleaner cut/engrave

Cutting Speed range is 0-1.38 in./s (0-35mm/s), and the k40 can card softwood of up to 0.23 inches(5-6 mm) with around 2 passes or 2.5mm per pass which is amazing for a machine this size.

I have used Brushbox (which is an Australian hardwood with a Janka hardness rating of 9.5) to cut a few coasters and it will cut this in 3 passes which I have demonstrated in the video below.

CorelDraw Software Included – Although CorelDraw is included in the package, I prefer Inkscape which can be downloaded for free here. It’s great for all vector work, and fairly straightforward piece of software to use.


The K40 can engrave :

Soft metals and aluminum


The K40 is great for making gifts for weddings, friends or even just putting some up on Amazon to make some side income.

I personally paid off the machine in one job, in which I made some name tags for a local restaurant


Speed is important. K40 does the job pretty well. Obviously, if you are going to be using the entire 300×200 span then it’s going to take a while.  For technical designs expect to take 20 minutes, but the K40 Laser Cutter can knock out small designs in under 2 minutes

Here is a recent video I made engraving a cool Beer Coaster design for a father’s day gift


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