Save Water Drink Beer – Six Pack Holder (Flat Pack)


Dominic - August 4, 2021

Tested and works on K40, thanks

Riley - September 3, 2021


Isaac - September 8, 2021

Thanks for giving

Jackson - November 20, 2021


Camden - November 26, 2021

Thanks for giving

Dova - December 24, 2021

file not found

alex jones - December 25, 2021

File reuploaded – should work now thanks

Camden - December 25, 2021


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Bored this weekend? Whip your laser engraver out and take a stab at creating this awesome beer holder/carry case. Item has 8 pieces in total that snap together and comes with a neat design on the front and back. Do you part in saving the planet and drink more beer. Free to download. Enjoy!