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Ten High 40w laser engraver CO2 – Top of the leader board?




TEN HIGH 40w laser engraver CO2 – Let’s take a look at the 40w commercial laser engraver

The ten high 40w laser engraver is something we’ve had our eye on for quite a while now, so now’s the perfect time to run down on a few of it’s clever little functions and features for you to salivate over.

So to start with who is Ten-High?

Surprise surprise they are a Chinese company specializing in laser machines and industrial internet solutions

Initially this would make anyone a little nervous… know it’s like Mercedes deciding to start a fast food company right?

Turns out they are a very reputable company with some top notch reviews withing the laser community.

Here is a quote directly from their site.

TEN-HIGH Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. is a professional laser equipment supplier and industrial internet solution provider. Over the years, the company has continuously implemented product innovation strategies, improved service quality, and formed a number of product lines. Our laser equipment is mainly used in household products, craft gifts, advertising decoration, architectural models, printing and engraving, electronic appliances, mobile communications, hardware, the automotive parts and other industries, providing comprehensive automation system solutions.

 Since the establishment of the company, it has been committed to the creation of best service and the development of high-tech achievements and industrialization. TEN-HIGH adheres to the development concept of “To be excellent, quality and service”, and has become a famous technical service brand, dedicated to the professional supply and service of laser processing equipment. The core value of the company is the customer’s needs. We firmly believe that the best quality service will give back to customers best results, let us wait and see!

TEN HIGH 40w laser engraver CO2 Specs

If you are new to the engraving world then you are probably going to shit yourself  with information right now

For the rest who laser engrave like Michael Schumacher drives F1 cars, then this Ten High 40w laser engraver read will be a walk in the park

★ Engraving Area: 400x300mm, Suitable for engraving on most organics or NON-metal materials such as acrylic, Plywood, Density board, Leather, Wood, Double color plate, Glass, Cloth, Bamboo, Paper etc.

★ Compatible with WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 system, 32-bit system is the most stable, also suitable for 64-bit. Software: Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER & Seal Design Software LaserDRW (included). Compatible with CorelDraw (NOT included).

★ The Ten High 40w laser engraver has a Pre-installed rotary axis interface and rotary axis switch (This machine Not Include rotary axis), easily extend to rotary engraving. Equipped with an effective ventilation fan for exhaust smoke, and also has the accessories Exhaust pipe. The cooling water temperature is always displayed, safe and convenient. Build-in Electric Lift-platform, One-button control. Red light positioning system, accurate and efficient.

AIR ASSIST & Safety water valve; A Blowing Flame retardant system is used to prevent burning during engraving working & A water shut off protection valve is installed to protect laser tube for interrupt the laser. The machine’s cover equipped with laser suspension protection system, when opening the cover, the laser will stop emitting, safer to operate.

★ USB INTERFACE-This laser engraving machine has USB Interface. Here is a video for you to guide the installation(the video is 430 engraver for reference, other model’s engraver is near the same steps):  Please follow the steps to do the installation in serious.

To conclude, the TEN HIGH 40w laser engraver CO2 is a sleek industrial laser machine that suits the hobbyist or commercial user. It has some great features, which anyone looking to upgrade would be sure to appreciate.

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