Tiny Tricks – Free Single Line Font for laser engraving and cutting


Speed up your engraves by up to 90% with single-line vector fonts!

What are single-line vector fonts?

Single-Line vector fonts are specially designed fonts that have been crafted for use with the K40 Laser Cutter machine to improve productivity, whilst still keeping the appearance of a regular font.

single line font

Single line fonts can be used in applications such as wedding invitations, coaster designs, card designs and other designs that require multiple products to be laser engraved.

Below is a comparison sample of a vector/raster engrave, using the “Raster Engrave”  (Black) function for the K40, and a vector font that was engraved with “Vector Engrave” function (blue) within k40 whisperer.

The problem with “Raster Engrave” is that the K40 treats the image much like your printer treats an image or a photo that you are printing – Moving left to right and only firing when part of the font or image needs to be lasered. Raster Engrave will then move down your design incrementally until the job has been processed.

As you can see below, the dotted lines represent the path that the laser will take to complete the job. With the Raster Engrave, the laser head will move the entire bounding box around the text wasting a lot of time moving and not actually firing the laser to etch your design.

On the other hand, the vector engrave spends nearly the entire time etching your work, leaving minimal time wasted in between processes

Will vector fonts work with my software?

Our fonts have been tested with successfully with the following software

  • Rhino
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • Vision Pro
  • Corel Draw

I started out on my journey on the K40 Laser Cutter and soon found that the completion times of projects would be nearly 15 minutes per item, so If I was creating wedding gifts that comprised of 50+ items then I would spend my weekends crammed up in the garage for days trying to complete the project.

I started doing research and realized that I could create fonts that cut down project time by 90%

Having a background in graphic design and vector illustrations, I spent a lot of time creating 3 elegant single line fonts that I could use with my K40 Laser Cutter.

This  fonts are created by and especially tested and crafted for use on the K40 Laser cutter machine.

These single line fonts will increase the productivity of your project by using vector lines instead of vector fills to create your text when using your chosen CNC machine.

Matthew - October 12, 2021

Tested and works on K40, thanks

Bobby Mxwell - November 6, 2021

Works in K40 although not sure about the design for what i am using it for.

Kaden Arabic - December 3, 2021

Thanks for sharing

Edward - December 6, 2021

Tested and works on K40, thanks

Hayden - December 15, 2021

Used, works well, thankyou

Ryan - December 22, 2021

Downloaded on Windows, Great thanks

Mason - December 23, 2021

Thanks for giving

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