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  • Getting Started Guide

    80 Pages of tips and tricks from the last 3 years working with the K40 laser cutter

    Ebook contains 80 pages of informative articles , tips and tricks.

    Great for anyone getting started with the K40 Laser Cutter

    All content within the ebook is written by myself (Sam) and copyright k40lasercutter.com and may not be sold or redistributed

  • K40 laser cutter adjustable bed

    Our K40 adjustable bed will streamline your engraves and save the hassle of having to chock up your items on different thickness items whenever you change object.

    As the K40 laser cutter does not come with a moving z-axis, it’s sometimes difficult and time consuming switching in between projects.

    This bad boy should take the pain out of this problem!

  • Laser safety glasses / goggles for K40 laser cutter

    These Goggles have been specifically designed for use with Co2 laser engraving machines, including the k40 laser cutter.

    Looking at a laser while working on your projects can cause permanent eye damage if the source isn’t protected with a lid or the proper eyewear

  • K40 Honeycomb laser cutter Bed


    Our K40 honeycomb laser bed is a true upgrade for K40 users

    Free Shipping worldwide

    The benefits of a honeycomb bed for the K40 is that there is optimal ventilation underneath the work, which will minimize smoke interference and also minimize changes of fire due to excessive heat underneath your engrave

    To install : There is an article here if you get stuck installing our K40 honeycomb bed

    Click here

    Model: K40 Co2 Laser Machine Honeycomb Table
    Size: 220x320mm
    Package includes: one pc honeycomb table 220x320mm

  • K40 Mirror and Lens upgrade – replacement mirror and lens set for K40 Laser cutter

    * Material: MO Material + China PVD ZnSe
    * Fast Heat Dissipation
    * excellent Optical Heat
    * Long Life Time: Not easy to crack Great Scratch Resistance
    * Low Power Loss
    * Focus Lens: 12*50.8mm or 18*50.8mm 1Pcs
    * MO Mirror: 20*3mm 3Pcs

  • Bulk wholesale blank wooden coasters

    Blank wholesale circular wood blanks

    These are great for getting started with your K40, or even for selling your crafts on spaces like Etsy or Ebay

    The smaller wood blanks are great for gift tags, name badges, or even xmas tree decorations (if you drill a hole in the top you can run string through them)

    The larger ones are great for coasters

    The coasters may need to be treated with resin or polyurethane to repel the water if that’s what you intend to do, but it’s worth experimenting with the result

    These are bulk wood blanks, and the quantity will be displayed when you select the item from the drop down menu



    This price includes Free Shipping

    Please note that your item will be sent Via economy shipping direct from our warehouse in China or in USA, so please bear with us as our shipping logistics are limited (Due to Covid-19)



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